Combining engineering and medical science for the betterment of health

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WAY Engineering Consultancy, LLC (WE-C) is a consulting firm focusing on the optimization of the management of medical technology life cycles, including risk mitigation, patient safety, compliance validation and operational program efficiency issues. We have over 12 years of hands-on healthcare technology life-cycle management experience, making us one of the most trusted sources for engineeering investigations and litigation support for attorneys and medical device manufacturers in the MENA region. The team of expert associates at WE-C have strength and experience in both intellectual property claims and forensic engineering with a focus on technology assessment, equipment planning, acquisitioning, support services governance and structure, guidelines compliance and incident investigation programs.

Combining engineering and medical science for the betterment of health

“Increasing numbers of technologies and applications to medical equipment and devices, along with the medical needs of a growing and aging population, will require the services of engineers.”

Today, our engineers are responsible for ensuring that medical devices and equipment keep working at their best. In an era of increasing numbers of complex technologies and applications, our engineers are also responsible for ensuring that these products are able to meet the medical needs of a growing and aging population. In this way, engineers are essential to the health and safety of millions of people worldwide




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